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Star Datingzone2
It connects people with other people around them.it has more than 926 members.join it to make the 927th member.meet with people who are a few miles from you with whom you can meet and date any time as you wish.

Group Founder: marvin6
Description: It is a social utility that connects people around the world.it is suitable for people interested in all kinds of relationships.
Group Type: Public join
Members: 13
Category: Chat Groups > By Topic

Topics (11)

go Why do questions about God are boring... (0) marvin6
go Who believes in supernaturals(vampires) (1) marvin6
go Heartbroken?here is the best place for u (0) marvin6
go whydo love stories end before starting? (1) marvin6
go Who wants to be famous or a celebrity? (0) marvin6
go Dating-AFRICA (1) marvin6
go Dating-AMERICA (1) marvin6
go Date-EUROPE (1) marvin6
go Dating-AUSTRALIA (0) marvin6
go Dating-ASIA (0) marvin6
go Dating-USA (0) marvin6

Photos (13)

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Files (2)

1 dateable
2 untitled

Polls (2)

go Who wants to be a celebrity?
go Where will u like ur partner from?

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